Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

Any Man?

I am a kind woman who is looking for a man that would give me some good experience…My name is Saskia, I am GENUINE european girl, half german-half czech. I am open minded girl and consider myself attractive.. I like this Internet thing. I have posted some pics, I hope you will like them. I drink socially, I do not smoke..trying to keep fit. When it comes to “these” things I am allways up for fun and trying new things. I am not a slut and please dont be too rude..From my past experience, I have met with too rude guys. The rules are simple.

The easiest way we can get to know each other fast without revealing too much private info would be if you contact me via private chat when I am online at adultdatelink site. My adultdatelink profile id is: SaskiaCuteL,,, yOUre asking why f**king with some website - the answer is:
it will filter out 99% of you and only caring good cookies will stay
here is the link to my profile:

Click Here For My Detailed Profile



  1. i don't even know who are you...
    but can i discover?

    add me in msn if you wanna find something new

    um beijo, a kiss or a kuss

  2. or if you prefer, send a me a msg on twitter:

    i am already following you

    other kuss